Foot and Ankle Injuries

Common diagnosis’s

  • Acute tears: tears that occur suddenly during activities like sports, falls, slips, or work.
  • Tendinosis: tears that occur over time due to overuse, age or a degenerative condition
  • Tendonitis: inflammation of the tendon that causes pain, redness and warmth to the touch (plantar fasciitis/peroneal tendonitis).
  • Tendinopathy: the combination of tendon tear and tendinitis (Anterior Talo Fibular Ligament tear…etc).

Physical Therapy Interventions are used to treat ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and tears/fractures.  Physical Therapists at JET Physical Therapy will diagnose and treat your underlying condition to get you on your road to recovery.

Foot and Ankle Tendon Surgery

Foot tendon surgery may be recommended is non-surgical methods are not effective. This may be needed to repair severe tears, damage, and disease.

Tendon repair surgery is achieved with small incisions and specialized surgical tools used to remove damaged tissue. A tendon may be harvested from another area and grafted to the damaged tendon. This strengthen and repair the weak tendon. Tendon transfers can also be performed using donors.

Tendon Repair Surgery Recovery

Recovery typically entails a cast or boot to protect the newly repaired area. Physical therapy is key to a successfully recovery. At Jet Physical Therapy we craft specialized recovery plans to help guide you through each stage of recovery. Recovery times can vary for each patient, some may take week, months or years based on the severity of your injury.